TLS Rehoused Nikon 80-200mm 'Morpheus' ZoomTLS Rehoused Nikon 80-200mm T2.8 'Morpheus' Full Frame Zoom lens

This True Lens Services rehousing was originally developed for the Bourne & Bond Films and as expected of any lens from TLS, it's mechanically superb. 

For it's range the lens is lightweight yet robust - there is no barrelling or pin cushioning and the feel sits somewhere between the coolness of early Zeiss zooms and the warmth of Angenieux. As expected it is the perfect pairing to our Nikon AI/AIS Primes and would sit well with any our vintage lens sets from the 70s & 80s.


  • Focal range: 80-200mm
  • Aperture range: T2.8 - 32/9 Bladed iris
  • Weight: 2.3kg/5.07lbs
  • Close focus: 4.9 Feet/1.5 Meters
  • Front diameter: 110mm
  • Angle of view: 30.2° - 12.3° 35mm film/sensor
  • Max repro ratio: 1:5:9 at 200mm. 1:14 at 80mm
  • Coverage: Full frame 35mm (36x24mm)
  • Mount: PL (54mm stainless steel lens mount )

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