CookeCooke Varotal Zoom 20-100mm T3.1 CF2'4"

Relatively compact 5x Zoom lens released by Cooke in 1971 and manufactured through to the late 80s. It has that distinctive 'Cooke Look' emphasising skin tones and textures with a subtle softness. This would be a great companion to our Cooke S4s or TLS Rehoused Cooke Speed Panchro prime lenses.

  • 20-100mm
  • T3.1
  • 6kg
  • CF2'4"
  • 144 ΓΈ
Qty Item
1 Cooke 18-100mm T3 cf 2'4"
2 Zoom Bar
1 ARRI LS-9 lens support
2 Long 19mm bars

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