Vintage Anamorphic Prime LensesKOWA Prominar 2x Anamorphics

These lenses are some of the smallest, lightest anamorphic lenses available. Ours is a 4 lens set – 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

These Kowa Prominars are anamorphic lenses made in Japan in the 60s & 70s. They are compact and light, the range consists of 4 primes. The optical design and coating type results in low contrast and warm colour, they can be made to flare easily. Unique vintage looks can be achieved by usng these lenses on modern digital film cameras.

Main Features

  • Vintage look, flares & distortion
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Internal focusing
  • Uniform 80mm front end


Qty Item
1 40mm T2.3 CF3’ 0.96kg front diameter 80mm
1 50mm T2.3 CF3’ 0.98kg front diam 80mm
1 75mm T2.8 CF3’ 1.25kg front diam 80mm
1 100mm T3.4 CF5’ 1.44kg front diam 80mm

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