Wireless SystemsTeradek Bolt Pro 300 TX/2RX system

300' range HD wireless TX/2RX system

Our entry level HD wireless system is good for 300' line of site and perfectly fine for shooting interiors or exterior locations where the receivers remain relatively close to camera. Our kit consists of TX, 2x RX and all of the cables and mounting options to cover you in all situations. 


The Bolt Pro 300 offers up to 300ft of zero latency wireless video, perfect for focus pullers and director’s monitors. The 300 model comes in HDMI, 3G-SDI, and dual I/O varieties and includes a new fan-less receiver design with internal antennas. Like all Bolt models, the 300 also includes the new USB 3.0 GRAB Engine.  

All outputs on the Teradek Bolt Pro receiver are active, therefore allowing cross send.


  • Send 4:2:2, 1080p50 wireless video
  • HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs
  • Improved chassis design that runs cooler
  • Maintains internal antennas, which cannot be augmented
  • Transmits uncompressed video using WSDI Pro™ (5GHz)
  • Wireless range of up to 300ft
  • Coexist with other wireless equipment by dynamically adjusting frequency bands
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) avoids interference
  • Passes metadata and fan control over the wireless SDI link

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