Wireless SystemsNavtech SD Rover

Ultra Long Range COFDM SD wireless video link system

Although the Navtech is 'only' SD, the COFDM technology at it's core ensures that pictures is very rarely lost under the most extreme of shooting conditions, be it distance, environment, weather etc. We still regularly use both of our systems, mainly on car commercials to allow playback control from a chase car.

Our kit is fully comprehensive and includes a stand alone Transmitter & Receiver alongside a Director's monitor. As with all of our kits, all the cables & power you'll need are included along with Up Down Cross Converters and Analog to SDI conveters to ensure pictures can be sent and recieved with no issues.


The Rover system provides an exceptionally stable wireless video transmission platform in high multi-path environments. Using the latest COFDM modulation techniques and diversity reception principles, Rover delivers high quality, low latency video images in conditions where traditional analogue FM methods fail. Low bandwidth ensures spectral efficiency and greatly increases receiver sensitivity compared with conventional analogue techniques. Rover is suitable for a wide range of applications in both the security and video-assist fields. It can be used in body worn, mobile and temporary fixed installations. Low current consumption allows for efficient battery operation. Various power outputs and frequencies are available catering for variety of applications and longer transmission ranges. A rotary switch allows simple selection of up to sixteen settings, these being any combination of frequency and COFDM parameters. DC power, video input status, signal strength and lock are all clearly shown by LED indicators and a simple meter. Standard transmitter models are available with 100mW or 1 Watt power output. Higher powers are available if required. Reception is via the latest 2 channel diversity method to provide optimum performance. Receiver options include the hand held “Director” with integrated video monitor and battery for truly portable applications. Standard lightweight receivers with attachment brackets for pole or mast mounting enable optimum location for the best signal reception. A selection of antenna configurations provide for a truly versatile video link system.

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