Zeiss Supreme Radiance LensesZeiss Supreme Radiance Lenses

Beautiful Full Frame covering lenses producing consistent and controlled flares.

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance Lenses

Beautiful look. Full control.


The ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses enable cinematographers to create beautiful and consistent flares but with one key ability – control. This is made possible by their newly developed lens coating T* blue. Under regular lighting, Supreme Prime Radiance render like modern and versatile cinematography lenses. With appropriate lighting however, the lenses start to flare. Cinematographers can decide and plan when they want to create flares rather than relying on unforeseen effects. Overall, Supreme Prime Radiance are a touch warmer than Supreme Primes but still retain all the other features that one might have experienced from using the regular Supreme Prime lenses.

These lenses offer all attributes of a modern cinema lens: maintaining contrast and avoiding transmission loss even when made to flare, large-format coverage, high speed, robustness and smooth and reliable focus – all in a small, light-weight package.

The lenses were released as a stand alone seven way lens set: 21 mm, 25 mm, 29 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 85 mm and 100 mm – all T1.5. Although being slightly warmer than regular Supreme Primes, they pair very well with them. Zeiss deliberately went without the extremer focal lengths on both ends of the range that the regular Supremes offer - we've added a regular 135mm to our set currently.

Supreme Prime Radiance and Supreme Prime

In this film Zeiss take a side-by-side look at the flaring behavior of the new Supreme Radiance lenses in comparison to regular Supreme Prime lenses under different lighting situations. Shot by cinematographer Takuro Ishizaka (JSC) on SONY Venice

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