ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes65mm MP T1.3 cf 2'3"

Close focus: 0.65 m / 2' 3"

The Master Prime lenses have been jointly developed by ARRI and Carl Zeiss. They are both fast and have an optical performance surpassing that of all standard speed primes. Master Prime lenses open up new creative opportunities of film making.

Main Features

  • Unique high speed prime lenses with unprecedented resolution
  • Virtually no breathing
  • Master Prime lenses offer excellent optical performance across the whole T-stop range from T1.3 to T22
  • The patented Dual Floating Elements technology eliminated breathing in the Master Prime lenses
  • Uniform positions of iris and focus gears
  • Built-in Lens Data System (LDS)
Type Planar T* XP
Aperture T1.3 to T22
Close focus 0.65 m / 2'3"
Length (lens mount to front) 205 mm / 8"
Front diameter 114 mm / 4.5"
Weight 2.6 kg / 5.7 lbs
Horizontal angle of view (ANSI Super 35) 21.8°

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