Lens Control SystemsPreston MKII Lens Control System

An easy-to-use remote control system for camera lenses.

The FI+Z is a 3-channel lens and camera control system. This latest version of an industry classic brings together robust construction, high precision and intuitive operation. The system can control both lens functions (focus, iris, and zoom) as well as camera functions (speed, shutter angle, and VTR).

Qty Item
1 FI+Z II handset c/w carrying strap
1 FI+Z transmitter II c/w antenna
1 Hot-Shot sony battery adaptor
10 Blank Focus Disk
1 Micro Force Digital c/w FI+Z bracket and short cable
1 MFD-FI+Z long cable
1 MDR-2 c/w male V-dock and antenna
1 V-Dock mount with speedy clamp
1 Remote Iris c/w FI+Z cable
2 DM-2 motor with Hill rosette and 0.8 gear
1 DM-1 motor with Hill rosette and 0.8 gear
3 Hill PAM D-clamp standard
1 Hill PAM D-clamp long
3 Hill PAM 19mm arm
1 Hill PAM 15mm arm
3 19mm-15mm reducer rings
1 4" 19mm rod with 3/8" male thread
1 7" 19mm rod with 3/8" male thread
4 Motor Cable 24"
2 MDR-2 - RS power cable
2 MDR-2 - RS camera cable
1 MDR-2 - D-Tap power cable
1 MDR-2 - 4 pin XLR power cable
1 FI+Z command cable 20'
2 Sony NP-FM500H battery
1 Sony AC-SQ950 twin charger c/w mains cable

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