Follow FocusArri FF-3 Follow Focus

Industry standard 19mm unit with dual speed wheel as standard

The FF3 Follow Focus is an industry standard 19mm unit with dual speed wheel as standard, allowing two different turning ratios. They are designed for 35mm cameras, so are a little larger than the FF4 or FF5 and cannot be used with the RED 18-85mm zoom and struggle with some odd lenses such as Lomos.

Main Features

  • Unique space-saving, snap-on bridge mechanism
  • Choice of three different focusing knobs (standard, hard stop, 2-speed)
  • Reversing feature for Nikon and Leica lenses
  • Compatible with a wide range of ARRI driver gears and knob accessories
Qty Item
1 FF-3 basic module
1 FF-3 dumb side handle
1 Dumb side handle extension
1 Toffee Hammer
3 Focus gears
1 Short Whip and biscuit
8 Focus Disks

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