No Drama Playback

No Drama benefits from a division concentrating on digital workflow, from monitoring & playback to on-set lab systems & image processing.

Expertise and Knowledge

In the last five years we’ve established ourselves as the go to company for Playback equipment on commercials, dramas and features. Complimenting our Playback department we have a large range of HD & Long range SD wireless systems to cover every scenario.

As well as Playback we are also able to offer Digital Imaging equipment and expertise. Our DIT kits are based around a Mac Pro and high end monitoring allowing on-set ‘lab’ work & image processing.

Speak to us

Every project for Playback & DIT tends to be different with a variety of considerations and options for workflow. Call or email to speak to us about your project and we’ll be more than happy to put together a unique quote specific to your needs.

Tel: 0161 877 4363 or email: