DRAMA | Man Like Mobeen - Tiger Aspect

New BBC Three comedy featuring comedian Guz Khan.



Man Like Mobeen - Tiger Aspect

Director: Ollie Parsons

DOP: Bud Gallimore

Producer: Gill Isles

Line Producer: Lynn Roberts

The series, written and created by Guz and Andy Milligan, follows 28-year-old Brummie Mobeen, who is the sole provider for his younger sister Aqsa. The show explores life as a British Muslim in an inner city community and touches on issues such as arranged marraige, racial profiling and the alt-right.

Another super intertesting production shot 'guerilla' style around the streets of Birmingham using a variety of standard and 'non standard' cine kit. Cinematographer Bud Gallimore brought his unique creative filmic style to this 'sitcom' esque production.

Available to watch now on BBC iPlayer

Equipment supplied:  2x Arri Alexa Mini EF, Leica R Cine Prime set